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sign with color swatches and building plan

Intuitive Wayfinding
In a highly collaborative process, Architectural Sign Associates
unites architecture, planning, psychology, and code compliancy
into the planning of visual information programs offering an
aesthetically appropriate design. Our team includes
architectural staff, environmental and industrial graphic
designers, cartographers, quality control experts, and
code officers.

Intelligent Sign Planning
Throughout the past 25 years, we’ve remained committed to
creating intelligent sign programs, which people intuitively
navigate and facilities can efficiently maintain.

Comprehensive Services
Committed to quality, we provide comprehensive planning and
design services for interior and exterior sign programs
addressing wayfinding, identity, code compliancy, informational,
and regulatory needs.

An Unbiased Consultant
Of critical importance to our client:  We are unbiased. As a sign
consulting firm charged with offering our clients impartial
advice, we do not sell any sign products or have reciprocal
relationships with sign vendors.