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Wayfinding is a highly collaborative process, incorporating
a myriad of perspectives to derive an intuitive solution.

• Pedestrian and Vehicular Wayfinding
• You are Here Maps
• Orientation Brochures
• Kiosks (interactive sign development)
• Room numbering
• Circulation path/flow
• Nomenclature

We look at your facility from the first-time visitor’s
perspective. From this perspective, we obtain solutions
with clear, concise information in a logical progression.
Not only does effective wayfinding benefit the new visitor
under distress, it also benefits the staff so they spend less
time giving directions.

We recognize that wayfinding is more than signs.
The structure and organization of a facility’s architectural
layout has the greatest impact on the ability of new
visitors to understand and effectively navigate an
unfamiliar building.

Keeping this in mind, we develop intuitive wayfinding
strategies that go beyond simply adding signage. Signage
can help, but other architectural adjustments such as floor
patterns, improved lighting, and wall and ceiling finishes
could result in a more effective solution.

Our approach to designing an appropriate wayfinding
solution focuses on the architectural cues, as well as user
and client feedback. We couple that information with our
experience, knowledge of architecture, ADA regulations,
code requirements, products, and facility management to
provide the facility with a long-term solution.

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